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Lyrics to Jehovah Jireh (My Provider)

Jehovah Jireh (My Provider) 
(Ft. GHB & TwaJunio)

jesus in the building, yeah, hahaaa...:-)

yeah, i worship you lord my jesus
and uuuh, there is no one like you my saviour
Jehovah jireh, my provider
el shaddai, god almighty

yeah, i worship you lord my jesus
and there is no one like you my saviour
Jehovah jireh, my provider
el shaddai, god almighty yeah

[verse 1: ghb]
there's no more clubbin man, it's for worshippin
you think i'm playin man? its time for me to preach
well listen hey bra, he died for you and me
and on the third day, he rose for you and me
so altogether pray, lord forgive us please
forgive us for the wrong, and give us peace
give us that gift, yes your holy gift
the holy spirit, so that i may live
so make it rain, i'm a born again
i aint gettin time to wear my chain
there's no time man for try again's
now get along and make a change
use to be the one who smoked cocaine
used to be the one who sold caffeine
but today man i made a change
now get involved man and make a change (let's go)


[verse 2: j.k]
lord you're so holy, you're so worthy
you are the alpha lord, and the omega
you are decorous and so superior
you are stupendous and telepathic
what can i do without you lord?
where can i go to hide from you?
when i look to the mountain, look at the ocean
i feel the emotion, i feel the extraction
what is a man, that you are mindful of him?
you saved us lord by sendin us your only son
now we love you lord, because you loved us first
we were dead in our sins, headed to hell in a hearse
create in me, a clean heart father
and renew in me, a right spirit yes


[verse 3: twajunior]
ok my life is bad, my life is hell
a million things that i can tell
my life is just a fairytale
i fell to the ground but rose again
with god by my side i'm feelin strong
he's my rock, in him i trust
protects me with his holy grace
although i was a hooligan
anchored in this silly game
he came and took away the blame
that's why i am a born again
for that i praise his holy name
now i walk without no shame
cause he took away my pain
again i praise his holy name
holy name, yeah


the lord my provider
i love you jesus

(Thanks to Jack B for these lyrics)

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